The Stuff of Legend
Are you also annoyed at how crap Moffat's "main villains" are? I mean, from series 1-4, we had Daleks, Cybermen and the Master which tied the entire series together rather nicely. Then we are deprived of a proper villain in series 5, and it spirals downwards with the Silence and the Intelligence. Care to comment?


I’ve talked about this before, mostly in combination with other things, but yes. There is a common theme among the central villains to each of Moffat’s season of Doctor Who, and that is that they all want the same thing: The Doctor. 

In Season 5, this combination of numerous bad guys want to lock the Doctor up in Pandora’s Box to erase him from the world because he’s “gotten too powerful”. In Season 6, the Silence want to get the Doctor and take him from the world, because he’s gotten too powerful (and they want to stop him from going to Trenzalore). Which is especially ironic, because in Season 7 when he goes to Trenzalore, the Great Intelligence… wants to erase him from the world because he’s gotten too powerful. Huh. In each three of Moffat’s seasons, the plot (and by extension the companion’s plots) have revolved entirely around the Doctor. Now if this had been a one-season thing, it would have been more tolerable, I can understand the appeal of a Doctor who has gotten too well known, who has beaten them too many times; of the villain or villains fighting back by trying to kill him and erase him from the world. One time? Fine. But literally the same plot for three seasons in a row? God, no, please stop. 

And before someone says anything, because I know I might get this argument: It was not the same in the first 4 seasons of New!Who. In Season 1, the Daleks were just trying to destroy the whole world, and the Doctor (and Rose) happened to get in their way. In Season 2, both the Cybermen and the Daleks were trying to take over the were and the Doctor (and Rose) stopped them. In Season 3, the Master WAS trying to get at the Doctor, but his goal wasn’t to destroy him. His goal was world domination. And in Season 4, the Daleks again were trying to take over, this time the whole UNIVERSE, because you know, they’re Daleks and that’s what they do.

In each of these seasons, the world was at peril. We saw normal people in terror on the streets, we saw the impact of this evil, we saw the Doctor and his companion(s) swoop in and save the day, and it had meaning. These last three seasons, there’s been almost no world impact, and what impact there was, it was all extremely narrowly focused.

Take the last season, for example. Literally the stars are going out, the Doctor is being erased, the world is ending… and we see none of it. We see Clara in the TARDIS, going on about souffles and saving the Doctor while he dies at her feet. Because he’s what this whole plot revolves around, he’s who she’s saving. Not a world full of people screaming below as the stars go out, not all the people they’d saved, not even the kids she supposedly cares about. Just the Doctor. 

“There is a serene and settled majesty to […] scenery that enters into the soul and delights and elevates it, and fills it with noble inclinations.” - Washington Irving